Monday, January 31, 2011

Meeting Jesus

In my first post I took a lot of time to describe the room where I meet Jesus in detail. But the point of that exercise is not just to have the room; it is to have a mental place where I am comfortable meeting my Savior any time.

If I were to close my eyes right now, I could be in my room in a split second. This morning when I do that Jesus is waiting for me, standing with his arms outstretched right inside the door. I'm happy to be there with no particular need or something weighing me down. In fact, I could see us whirling around like a couple little kids on the playground. Remember those times when you crossed hands, held on tight, leaned back, and started turning? There are times when I enter the room full of life.

On other days when I've felt great, there have been a couple palominos waiting and we've gone for a long ride, our hair flowing in the wind (and it never gets tangled, either!). There are times when I enter the room full of joy.

I can't begin to tell you the number of times when I've desperately needed the love only Jesus could give. Outwardly, I'm holding myself together fairly well. Inside, I'm a mess. When I see Jesus, I don't need to explain what's going on or worry that if I reveal myself fully to him that I will be rejected in some way. He knows me completely despite my best efforts to hide. On those occasions, more often than not I sit surround by His arms on the hearth. If it's particularly bad, I turn sideways, lean into His shoulder, and sob. There are times when I enter the room broken.

In the fast pace life that most Americans live, rest is often something that goes by the wayside. If I don't have time to take a nap but do have time to close my eyes for a moment or two, I spend that time in the room curled up on the couch with my head in Jesus' lap. He strokes my hair and that moment of peace usually restores me more than I would have though possible. There are times when I enter the room exhausted.

There's more, of course. Times when I'm confronting sin, when I need to think, when I'm restless. But my hope in sharing this is this: Maybe you, too, can understand that the God you love and serve loves you and loves to meet your needs right where you are. If not, you've got the wrong god. I have come to depend on Jesus for my emotional needs. In this I'm hardly perfect and often forget that I can meet Him whenever and wherever. When I do remember, though, I tend to remember more often. I love the way it feels.

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  1. I love when you say that there are times when all you need is Jesus to listen, to feel his love. That is so true and I can totally relate. No one, except Jesus can fill that void.